Hello, welcome to my website

My name is Noé Hervás as it was easy to suppose, and I am a person who cannot be still for a long time, I always have projects in my head that I have to materialize.

I love crafts in general, but above all woodworking, and if we add to that the fact that I also play guitar, it seems inevitable that I would end up loving luthery. I will tell you that I am also hobbyst in jewelry, audiovisual editing and video games.

I have a YouTube channel  where you can see all how I make my creations.

mix de 4

On this website you can find articles about my projects, some extra resources about them, photos, explanations…

You have at your disposal a small shop where I add some of the items that I create in case you are interested in having something unique and personal and at the same time you will be giving your support to this project.

In this space you can also find the links to my other social networks where I also usually share exclusive content.

And if you want to give me support, here I explain how you can do it to reinvest in material and improve the content to offer you more quality.